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    Today's News and Events - 19-Apr-2014 08:30 (GMT)

iSnooker 2.2.50 Beta (Windows XP version) released!
Last Updated: 08-Apr-2014, 21:05 (GMT)
Anyone using Windows XP can now try the latest Beta version of iSnooker - see download page or Click Here

iSnooker 2.2.50 Beta (Download Now)
Last Updated: 08-Apr-2014, 11:37 (GMT)
Try the latest Beta version of iSnooker. Bug fixes to Ladder System, colour blind feature, stats dialog fix and more. Download Now!

iSnooker 2.2.49 Beta (Download Now)
Last Updated: 06-Apr-2014, 22:19 (GMT)
Try our new Beta version of iSnooker and challenge your friends to Online Snooker Now! Includes new Ladder system, Revised Cue Error, Improved Lobby TV, Color Blind feature and more! Download Now!

Snooker Elite - 22nd - 23rd March 2014
Last Updated: 13-Mar-2014, 10:34 (GMT)
Enter our Online Snooker Tournament and win a prize. This event is FREE for members and will be held in the Elite Lobby on iSnooker. Try iSnooker and Challenge your friends to Online Snooker.

NEITON wins the Snooker Elite Tournament in Feb 2014
Last Updated: 27-Feb-2014, 08:15 (GMT)
Congratulations to NEITON on winning February's Snooker Elite. The final score was
NEITON 4 - 2 tonykha. See Tournament section of website for daily events and more results. The next snooker (Elite) tournament will be on the 22nd-23rd March 2014. Good luck to all participants. Click Download to Try the best online snooker game now and join some tournaments

Snooker Elite Tournament (Knockout Stage)
Last Updated: 23-Feb-2014, 09:25 (GMT)
Today is the Knock-Out stage of the Elite Tournament this month. See tournament standings here -

iSnooker v2.2.53 (release 12th Apr 2014)
Play FREE as Guest or create a 14-Day Trial with full features.


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