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Realistic and fun Online Snooker with Tournaments and Prize Events. Climb the Rankings and achieve high Break Stats by playing other Snooker Players online. iSnooker has an in game Online Lobby system, that allows you to chat and meet other snooker players from all around the world. Unlike other Snooker Games, iSnooker has accurately scaled modelling and life like physics, allowing you to play all the shots you see the professional make (including reverse side, swerve, spins etc.). Up to 64 players can watch while you play, which makes Tournaments great fun and a social experience for all! - with many snooker game types; 6, 10, 15 Reds, Billiards & more, Online Snooker Shop to purchase new cues and chalks. We run Elite Online Snooker Tournaments every month as well as other prize events. Try the Best Online Snooker Game on the Internet now for FREE! - Enjoy!

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Monthly Elite Prize Tourneys
Last Updated: 01-Oct-2017, 07:58 (GMT)
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iSnooker 2.2.57 - Online Snooker Game
Last Updated: 01-Oct-2017, 08:01 (GMT)
Play the latest official release of iSnooker. Achievements Feature, Font Engine update and bug fixes. Download iSnooker 2.2.57 Now!

Last Updated: 01-Oct-2017, 08:04 (GMT)

Last Updated: 01-Oct-2017, 08:04 (GMT)

iSnooker v2.2.60 (release 19th Feb 2018)
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The Voodoo Snooker League PRIZE Tourneys, Each Tuesday @ 7pm gmt
Last Updated: 16-Dec-2017, 06:37 (GMT)
Voodoo Home Page, Daily Tourney Calender, and More

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Online Pool Game
Last Updated: 20-Apr-2011, 11:29 (GMT)
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