Player returning after disconnection, messes up ball order.

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Player returning after disconnection, messes up ball order.

Postby sebsyOTF » Thu Jul 04, 2013 10:17 am

Just played a frame against someone, and he disconnected whilst I was mid break on around 34. He came back when I was on 80 odd and he rejoined as I was potting a pink to get on the final red. The pink did not respot and I had to go for a colour again. I potted the black after which both the pink and black returned to the table. I was then free to go for the remaining red.

Luckily on this occasion I was on the black despite positioning for the red and I had already won the frame, however if this happens and throws you off position when you aren't over the line it can be a complete frame ruiner. Also, iirc this has happened on previous versions throughout the years yet still doesn't appear to have been eradicated. Given the cost of the game and the countless updates of new versions, it would be nice if such things could be fixed some time soon.

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