*P.R.E's Admim Rules and Guidelines - Updated 12 Aug 2015*

Tourney's/League's Created by Members.. All info that the host/hosts, running the P.R.E., will be categorized in here by topic
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*P.R.E's Admim Rules and Guidelines - Updated 12 Aug 2015*

Postby jUstcAllmEdOc » Wed Aug 12, 2015 9:44 pm

1) The P.R.E. section is for discussion by the host/hosts/entrants of the P.R.E.'s and is not to be used by anyone else, Please use General Discusion.. Anyone not following this rule will be dealt with accordingly..

2) All Prizes/Donations are to be sent to justcallmedoc@thesnookerclub.com before any Event starts .. Please forward your Memir or Swreg receipt, which has your code # shown on it.. Should this be a code you have won Previously and want to donate it, please add details. If your donation is one you have no receipt for (old code), please state this in your email..

3) We no longer can break down codes

4) Host/Hosts of P.R.E.'s should email me, justcallmedoc@thesnookerclub.com once the event is completed, details on winners and their Prizes..

5) Players will need to email me to claim their Prize to justcallmedoc@thesnookerclub.com from the email addy that is associated with the iSnooker account they joined the event with..

6) Should I find that any of the codes donated have been used for anything other then the donation to the event, I will consider it a mistake and bad book keeping, on the donators part and simply remove the days from the account the code was used for.. Before removing any days from an account, I will contact the donator involved, with a chance to send me another donation to cover this mistake..

6) Memir Games is not responsible for Prizes that are not handled properly by the Host/Hosts of the P.R.E.'s..

Additional Rules and Guidelines may be added at anytime and all are subject to change..
Should changes be made, the date on the topic title will be changed at that time..
Please watch for updates..

Should Host/Hosts/Entrants feel I may have missed adding something or simply want to make a suggestion, feel free to email me.. justcallmedoc@thesnookerclub.com

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