Having Trouble Getting On iPool?

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Having Trouble Getting On iPool?

Postby jUstcAllmEdOc » Tue Oct 24, 2017 6:13 pm

I've heard there are a few snooker players that would like to join iPool, but after installing the game, are not able to get on.. Here's a fix if you have already installed iPool..
Uninstall iPool.. Then type iPool in lower left screen 'search feature'.. Delete any files that may have been left behind during uninstall..
Install iPool with this link http://www.thepoolclub.com/files/setup2257.exe
If you haven't installed it yet but would like to join iPool, just use the install link above..

Come on over, set your Trial up. if you like it, purchase with a super great price for membership http://www.thepoolclub.com/register.php

If you run into any problems, email justcallmedoc@thepoolclub.com

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