Pro DS Elite - Prizes
Double Sided KO's; Right Hand Side (RHS) prizes include; Winner: 6 Months Code, Runner-Up: 3 Month Code, Semi Finalists: 1 Month Code. Left Hand Side (LHS) prizes include; Winner: 3 Months Code, Runner-Up: 1 Month Code, Semi Finalists: 15 days added to account. All around High Break: 1 Month Code. All games played in the Elite Lobby, Sun 30th July. Please contact to claim your prize. **Good Luck and Have Fun** Prizes will be doubled if there are more than 64 Entrants!
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iSnooker Tournament Results

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26-Jul-2017 16:00
Semi Pro - Standings
(Final) - 20111 (0) vs (2) GOR
Winner: GOR
Runner Up: 20111
Semi Finalist: !~BYE~!
Semi Finalist: Conan

26-Jul-2017 11:00
Pro Grps-6 - Acct Ext (Race to 1) - Standings
(Final) - The-Wasp (1) vs (0) Conan
Winner: The-Wasp
Runner Up: Conan
Semi Finalist: JimmyWhite
Semi Finalist: ray

26-Jul-2017 05:00
Pro - Standings
(Final) - MUSTANG (2) vs (1) the_specials
Runner Up: the_specials
Semi Finalist: 20111
Semi Finalist: bullet

26-Jul-2017 14:00
Pro - Grps 6 (Race to 1) - Standings
(Final) - aehmPee (1) vs (0) B@NGIN
Winner: aehmPee
Runner Up: B@NGIN
Semi Finalist: g
Semi Finalist: Leprechawn

26-Jul-2017 08:00
Semi Pro - Standings
(Final) - Trevor-Philips (0) vs (2) aehmPee
Winner: aehmPee
Runner Up: Trevor-Philips
Semi Finalist: 20111
Semi Finalist: treble-bhoys

25-Jun-2017 07:00
Semi Pro Elite (Groups 6) One Day Event - Standings
(Final) - GOR (2) vs (4) Mikey
Winner: Mikey
Runner Up: GOR
Semi Finalist: .swanseafc91.
Semi Finalist: Bingle

29-Apr-2017 09:00
Pro Elite (Groups 6) Two Day Event - Standings
(Final) - MaximumMan (3) vs (5) capoNE
Winner: capoNE
Runner Up: MaximumMan
Semi Finalist: awad7
Semi Finalist: quartz

26-Mar-2017 09:00
Pro DS Elite (1 Day Event) - Standings
(Final) - Floki (3) vs (1) Dias
Winner: Floki
Runner Up: Dias
Semi Finalist: GOR
Semi Finalist: Mikey

26-Feb-2017 09:00
Semi Pro Elite (Groups 6) One Day Event - Standings
(Final) - .Max_Headroom. (0) vs (3) MaximumMan
Winner: MaximumMan
Runner Up: .Max_Headroom.
Semi Finalist: psychosis
Semi Finalist: RomanZ