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24-Sep-2018 18:00
Pro - Acct Ext - 6pm gmt - Standings
(Final) - Snappo (0) vs (3) Dias
Winner: Dias
Runner Up: Snappo
Semi Finalist: anthony-joshua
Semi Finalist: Grandad

24-Sep-2018 12:00
Semi Pro - 12pm gmt - Standings
(Final) - bullet (1) vs (2) 20111
Winner: 20111
Runner Up: bullet
Semi Finalist:
Semi Finalist:

23-Sep-2018 23:00
Pro - 11pm gmt - Standings
(Final) - Benidorm (0) vs (2) Dias
Winner: Dias
Runner Up: Benidorm
Semi Finalist: Pinkman
Semi Finalist: BUDGE

24-Sep-2018 21:00
Semi Pro - 9pm gmt - Standings
(Final) - nobody (1) vs (3) Benidorm
Winner: Benidorm
Runner Up: nobody
Semi Finalist: g
Semi Finalist: 20111

24-Sep-2018 15:00
Semi Pro - Acct Ext - 3pm gmt - Standings
(Final) - I.Love.U (0) vs (3) Fuji
Winner: Fuji
Runner Up: I.Love.U
Semi Finalist: g
Semi Finalist: pi4aga

26-Aug-2018 16:00
Pro DS Elite - Prizes - 4pm gmt - Standings
(Final) - Dias (4) vs (5) Mikey
Winner: Mikey
Runner Up: Dias
Semi Finalist: MaximumMan
Semi Finalist: {Skillz}

29-Jul-2018 17:50
Pro ELITE (grps 6) 5:50pm gmt - Standings
(Final) - lg (4) vs (2) astle2018
Winner: lg
Runner Up: astle2018
Semi Finalist: BUDGE
Semi Finalist: Ramboo2018

24-Jun-2018 16:00
Semi Pro Elite (Grps 6) - Prizes - 4pm gmt - Standings
(Final) - lg (2) vs (5) MaximumMan
Winner: MaximumMan
Runner Up: lg
Semi Finalist: fisher
Semi Finalist: -THE---S@GE-

27-May-2018 16:00
4pm gmt - Awareness of Macmillan Cancer Support Tourney-Pro Elite (grps 6) Bonus Prizes - Standings
(Final) - The-Repo-Man (5) vs (0) pi4aga
Winner: The-Repo-Man
Runner Up: pi4aga
Semi Finalist: Dias
Semi Finalist: david_102